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NABRA 2024

North Alport Bay Ratepayers Association

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Road Dues due Now!
NABRA Cocktail Reception!

Please join us on Saturday, July 27th, from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the Kennedy Family Cottage (1022 Bailey Lane). Join your neighbours for an afternoon by the Lake.

Bring your own favourite beverage(s) and nibbles. Snacks will be served, too.



The North Alport Bay Residents' Association (NABRA) was founded in 1965 by a group of residents that included Orb Kennedy, Blake Heathcote, Cliff Roberts, Reg Danko, Isobel MacAskill, Lou Specht, Glen Coates, and others long since departed from the area.

The road was originally built by Isobel MacAskill (Isobel and Blake Heathcote's grandmother) in the 1940s. She'd purchased land from her brother, Jack McVittie, who had previously purchased a large quantity of land from around Alport Bay from Max Beaumont's father in the 1930s. The Association was originally known as the Alport Bay Cottagers Association, and its objective was simple: to unite the community in maintaining the road for the benefit of all residents and to investigate what services could and should be provided by the City of Bracebridge through our payment of municipal taxes. In those early years, there was no garbage collection, and so one objective the Association pursued was approaching Bracebridge City Council to request a container be placed near Beaumont Farm.

The Association continues to maintain the road and monitor shared community concerns as younger generations of original owners and new residents continue to enjoy this spectacular corner of Muskoka.


North Alport Bay Ratepayers Association
Annual AGM 2024 — June 22, 2024
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