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Plumbing Services

Plumbers & Plumbing Services

Outback Plumbing Service     ‭Matt Perry     ‭‭(705) 645-3530 (phone)      ‭‭(705) 627-8892 (cell)

Matt helped me out in an emergency about 5 years ago. I found him to be terrific and very reasonable.​ (Blake Heathcote)



Knowles Plumbing       ‭(705) 645-3530


Knowles has been around for 63 years and is something of a Bracebridge institution. My Dad knew and worked with Stan Knowles; they did the plumbing on our place. (Blake Heathcote)

Septic Tank Servicing

I've used Young's Sweetie Service for many years always with positive results. They've been around for more than 3 decades. (Blake Heathcote)

Young's Sweetie Service       ‭(705)-645-6270

I'm not familiar with this company, but here's what their website says: "If your septic system requires pumping and cleaning services, contact us at All Star Septic Tank Pumping. We can get the job done quickly at a competitive price. With years of experience, you can count on our services."

All Star Septic Tank Pumping       ‭(705)-646-4598

Septic Tank
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